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Oxford-based writer and marketing consultant specializing in beer and hospitality

In Vietnam, Brewing for a Better Tomorrow at 7 Bridges Brewing Company

Bunkered down in the 7 Bridges Brewing Company Hanoi taproom—he’s living there for a few weeks during Vietnam’s lockdown—Stanley Boots briefly leaves our Zoom chat and returns fumbling with the contents of a brown paper bag. I expect, perhaps, a sneak peek at the brewery’s new branding, or maybe the reveal of, say, a locally foraged yeast that’s going to transform 7 Bridges beer. Something like that...

Beer as an Expression of Beauty at Pink Blossoms Brewing

When the Tabebuia rosea bloom they tint Singapura in fleeting speckles of brilliant fuschia. The splendor occurs twice a year and lasts only days before the trees’ trumpet-shaped begonias fall to the ground, blanketing sidewalks and highways and byways in swaths of pink petals. In just a few more days the flowers wilt black and disappear, forgotten. “We celebrate beautiful things in life,” says Hong Han Teo, founder of Pink Blossoms Brewing. “The cherry blossom reminds us of spring, and how eve

In Byron Shire, A Village Brewery Soaking Up the Thirsts of the Land

It is a wild, raucous, life-affirming scene at Stone & Wood’s original brewery in Byron Bay, one of those times when it feels incredible just to be alive. It’s one with an unmistakably communal feel, too. There are likely a handful of out-of-towners here (including me and my wife), but Stone & Wood’s signature annual fundraising event is first and foremost a local affair. Everybody seems to know somebody, and some probably know just about everybody.
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