Brian Spencer

Singapore-based freelance writer and editor specializing in travel and beer

Beer as an Expression of Beauty at Pink Blossoms Brewing

When the Tabebuia rosea bloom they tint Singapura in fleeting speckles of brilliant fuschia. The splendor occurs twice a year and lasts only days before the trees’ trumpet-shaped begonias fall to the ground, blanketing sidewalks and highways and byways in swaths of pink petals. In just a few more days the flowers wilt black and disappear, forgotten. “We celebrate beautiful things in life,” says Hong Han Teo, founder of Pink Blossoms Brewing. “The cherry blossom reminds us of spring, and how eve

In Byron Bay, Stone & Wood is More than a Craft Brewery

“All right, all right… are you feeling it? Are you feeling it?!” Public displays of enthusiasm, genuine or not, rarely come easily, but I’ll do anything to please Tom from Perth. I manage half-hearted affirmation that, yes, I am feeling it, this green wave swelling towards us in The Wreck’s late-morning surf. “Okay, paddle… paddle… paddle harder! More like a banana, more like a banana… and pop up!” Tom from Perth, treading ocean as effortlessly as breathing, thrusts my foam board forward like
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